These photos were taken in Moscow, Russia in the summer of 2015. After having explored abandoned Russian sites in and around Berlin such as former military airports, schools, or barracks, and taking part in Russian cultural events as part of a photo documentary project in Germany for many years, the wish to explore Russian culture and society more closely grew deeper. And so did the urge to connect the past and the “passed” of the abandoned Russian sites around Berlin with the living present of Russian people and society today.  The outcome was a 2-week-long photography excursion to Russia, trying to find traces of the military, patriotic and folkloristic elements that I found in the Russian sites of the past in Germany. And to picture today´s everyday life in Russia. To bring past and present together and to see if they still fit. Some of the images might seem absurd to us, others touching or even disturbing. Some might make us smile. This photo series wants to offer a neutral look at how Russian culture of the middle/early end of the 20th century can still be found in Russian every day life today, and how it is melting into new influences and elements.

Publication: Photo book Moscow, Hatje Cantz Publishing, 2017
















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