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Solo-Exhibition „Parallel Biographies Serbia-Germany“ at the Museum of the City Novi Sad, Serbia  (2019)

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Solo-Exhibition „Merseyside & Brexit“ at Kunstverein Neckar-Odenwald (2018)

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Solo-Exhibition „Merseyside & Brexit“ at Fata Morgana Gallery,  Mitte Media Festival, Berlin (2019)

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Exhibition „Ego Sum“, Prima Center, Berlin, 2019

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Sandra Ratkovic-7-2     (Photos Sandra Ratkovic: Photo on the left (1) and photo in the middle (2))




Exhibition „Von Steinen und Beton“, Gallery Z22, Berlin, 2019

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   Sandra Ratkovic-16-2 (Photos Sandra Ratkovic: Photos front room)


 Exhibition „MOCKBA“, Alte Handelsschule, arsavanti Kunstverein, Leipzig 2019









leipzig3  (Photos Sandra Ratkovic: Photos on right side)





Solo Exhibition „Moscow“, Atelier Alen Gallery, Munich, 2017

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Solo Exhibition „Moscow“, Isherwood Gallery, Wigan, England, 2017

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